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Aurora A830i Gas/Charcoal Combo Built-In Grill

A830i-6EAN*-CB (with Analog Thermometer shown)

Aurora A830i*
Cooking Surface
828 square inches (Gas: 24"x18") (Charcoal: 22"x18")
BTUs primary
50,000+26,000 Charcoal
BTUs backburner
Cut out
50¼” w 19 ½” d x 12” h


  • Cast stainless steel burners (E-burners)
  • All stainless steel cooking grids
  • Contoured control panel
  • 16 gauge stainless steel flavor grids
  • Internal Halogen Lights on the gas grill side for grilling into the evening
  • Advanced Hot Surface Ignition simply push in the control knob, turn up the gas and light the grill
  • Dedicated 26,000 BTU’s charcoal ignitor for quick and easy lighting
  • Analog thermometer with polished bezel for accurate grilling
  • Charcoal crank makes raising or lowering the built-in charcoal basket a breeze
  • Spacious and convenient storage doors and drawer


BEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY: (Click Here for Warranty Highlights)