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When creating a custom fire pit, nothing is more important than the burner system within. American Fyre Designs stainless steel Burner Systems feature durable construction, convenient operation and beautiful dancing flames in a wide range of shapes and sizes. From basic Match Lit models to remote controlled, flame-sensing safety control systems with hot surface electronic ignition, you’ll be sure to find the Burner System that best suits your application and budget.

OCB-24 Series

Circular Burner Kit with Pan and Hanger

OCBP-4418 Series

Rectangular Burner Kit with Pan and Hanger

OCBE-44 Series

Large Circular Double Burner Kit with Plate

OCBP-2525 Series

Circular Burner  Kit with Square Pan and Hanger

OCBE-34 Series

Circular Burner Kit with Plate